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Manage the Hiring Process for Win-Win Outcomes

It may seem strange to think of the hiring process as a win-win.  After all, one candidate gets the job (the “winner”) and everyone else doesn’t (the “losers”).  However, if you manage the process well, you can get both a present and future return.  The current return is a great hire.  The future return is the ability to identify additional candidates that might be a good fit for similar positions, or even new ventures that play to their strengths.

But if you don’t manage the hiring process well, you risk losing both present and future return.  I recently chatted with someone who was a finalist for a position as a COO in a medium-sized company.  The company brought him in for the final interview and promised that he would hear back within 24 hours whether or not he had been chosen.  They also asked him to submit his travel expenses to be reimbursed within a week.  Well…six weeks later, after repeated phone calls and e-mails, he has heard nothing and has not been reimbursed for his expenses.

This company has lost in several ways:  if they were to decide at a later date to make an offer, he would most likely turn them down.  Additionally, he is telling his story to others who might have considered the company but now will hesitate to do so.  Bottom line:  treat all applicants with courtesy and follow through on your promises.  If you do, even the person who does not get the job may be more inclined to consider you in the future and recommend you to others.

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