Putting Your Best (Company) Foot Forward in the Interview

Many companies use a phone screen interview as a method of determining which candidates to bring in for an in-person interview.  While you are evaluating  the candidates, you need to be aware that they are also evaluating you.  Here are reports from two job candidates about phone interviews they had:

  • I was told to call at 9:28 so I did.  I was put on hold for several minutes.  When the manager came on the line he told me that I could not ask any questions, and that he would hang up after exactly 10 minutes.  He then proceeded to read the job description and told me I had whatever time was left to state why I was the best candidate for the job.”
  • “The HR representative read me the job description and asked if I had any questions about the job.  When I said I was interested in learning more about a particular requirement, she said she didn’t have time to discuss that, thanked me for my time, and hung up.”

Not only were these candidates unimpressed with the company, they are telling their friends about their experience. When you conduct a phone or an in-person  interview, be prepared and professional so that you can present your company in the best possible light.  Your reputation and ability to hire great people is on the line.
Sharon Hamersley is Principal of Keys to Performance, Your Resource for Workplace Productivity.  For more information, visit her web site http://k2performance.net or call her at 614-395-9440.


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