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The Right Employee for the Right Job

Have you ever had the experience of hiring someone who looked perfect for the job, only to have them leave soon after they started?  Or, even worse, you had to fire them?  Employee turnover costs businesses thousands of dollars in lost time and productivity.  So, how can you ensure that your next hire “sticks”?  Here are a few tips:

  • Prepare a job description that goes beyond duties and responsibilities to describe the impact the employee has on the business.  Outstanding employees don’t just “do” they help achieve results.
  • Ask the right questions in the interview.  Not just about what they have done, but how they have solved problems and contributed in the past.
  • Make sure that when the new employee starts, they have the information and resources needed to do the job they were hired for.  Nothing is more frustrating for a new hire than to sit around feeling unproductive.

Bottom line: the more intentional you are in the hiring process, the more likely you will have a happy, productive, long-term employee who will help you achieve business success.  Of course there are many more strategies that can contribute to employee success such as on-the-job training and having a clear path to advance in the company.   But it all starts with getting the right person for the right job.

Sharon Hamersley, Principal, Keys to Performance, helps businesses hire, train and retain outstanding employees and create workplaces where everyone can do their best work.  For more information, contact her at 614-395-9440 or